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Quob Stables may live stream or use images for social media during competitions at any point.  The submission of any entry will be deemed to include acceptance of these terms unless an objection is lodged with the Show Secretary before the start of the show.

If you experience any difficulties making an entry or would like support please call 07798 626075.

Due to the recent confirmation of Equine Flu in Hampshire, as of 1st August 2019 we will be enforcing the 6month Flu Vaccination rule for ALL horses attending competitions, clinics or arena hire’s onsite. All horses will need to be 7days clear of jabs before attending. This is to protect all of our precious animals and help stop the spread of Flu cases.
We will request that all passports of attending animals are submitted to reception for inspection on arrival.
We really hope that all competitors understand and support our decision which we believe is in the absolute best interest of everyone involved.