Dressage Simulator

Dressage Simulator

Mech Horse 01

The Dressage Simulator accommodates riders of all levels from beginners to advanced and award winning champion riders. Although it can be used for basic arena work, given the correct signals through its sensors, this horse can perform advanced dressage movements such as Piaffe, pirouette, half pass and shoulder in.

The fully interactive Dressage Simulator is easy to use for both children and adults. It offers riders a revolutionary way to focus on their skills and correct their balance by viewing immediate and visual feedback on their seat position and riding manoeuvres. It is used world–wide by professionals and amateur riders as an essential aid to training.

The simulator is the same size as a real horse and its action is very close to the natural feel of a real horse. When riding in the simulated arena, the rider is drawn in to the sensation of actually riding in a real ring.


This horse simulator is a valuable training aid, in particular when working with the rider’s position and co–ordination. It enables the trainer to teach and observe the rider, who can both feel and see where any problems lie. It is also possible for the rider to develop the technique and co–ordination necessary for the more advanced work.


Paul Fielder, Leading Dressage instructor.


The Dressage Simulator is fun and comfortable to ride. It is ideal to teach riders of all levels, ages and abilities. The Dressage Simulator offers high income generating potential for teachers and schools.

The Interactive Dressage Simulator is the most valuable and realistic instructional aid in dressage. It teaches the rider position and control, it develops technique, skill, muscle memory and confidence.

It is possible to complete the test and then play back on the screen from the Judges’ views, from the rider’s view and from the bird’s-eye view (7 view points).



  • Close proximity to students when teaching
  • Safe practice for nervous riders
  • Safe and controlled environment
  • Learn the correct posture in minutes
  • Recover from injury with safe measured steps
  • All weather training
  • General fitness

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The Mechanical horse plus room is available to hire for training, social morning/evening events for riding clubs and Pony Club groups. It can also be hired for corporate team building events. Please contact reception for more details and prices.

 Testimonial from Heather Radbourne: “After having 2 serious accidents and never believing I would ride again, I decided upon giving the mechanical horse a go (rather sceptically I may add)! I could not believe how fantastic it was and how much it totally boosted my confidence to now continue with it and progress on to a ‘real horse’. I would highly recommend it to anyone from total novice, nervous or confident rider. It certainly will teach you a thing or two so come on and give it a go! You won’t regret it!”


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